Pennsylvania Bill Would Define Further ‘Royalty’ In Fracking Operations

(September 12, 2016, 11:59 AM EDT) -- HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Sept. 9 referred a bill to the House Committee on Environmental Resources and Energy that would amend existing law and further define what a “royalty” is, as well as what constitutes a “wellhead” with regard to hydraulic fracturing operations.

(Pennsylvania House Bill 2319 available. Document #94-160913-020L.)

HB 2319

Pennsylvania House Bill 2319 (HB 2319), introduced by Reps. Cris E. Dush (R-66th Dist.), Seth M. Grove (R-196th Dist.) and David R. Millard (109th Dist.), would amend P.L. 183,...
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