Crane Co. Says It Had No Duty To Decedent Under Pennsylvania Asbestos Precedent

(July 15, 2016, 11:02 AM EDT) -- PHILADELPHIA — A company cannot be held liable for asbestos-containing products it did not manufacturer, supply or mandate, Crane Co. told a federal judge in Pennsylvania July 13 in looking to upset a more than $1 million verdict against it (Lynn C. Dobrick, et al. v. Air & Liquid Systems Corp., et al., No. 10-03202, E.D. Pa.).

(Crane Co.’s motion and memorandum available. Document #01-160720-011B.)

Doctors diagnosed Valent Rabovsky with mesothelioma in 2009. Valent subsequently died of the disease, and Lynn Dobrick and Ann Rabovsky filed...
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