Virgin Islands Judge Closes 53 Asbestos Cases, Finds 1998 Remand Improper

(October 11, 2016, 12:40 PM EDT) -- CHRISTIANSTED, Virgin Islands — More than 50 asbestos cases remanded to a Virgin Islands court in 1998 by a magistrate judge alone were never properly before the state court despite years of filings, a judge in the U.S. territory said Sept. 21 (In re: Cases removed to the District Court of the Virgin Islands, Nos. SX-98-CV-109 – SX-98-CV-161, Virgin Islands Super.; 2016 V.I. LEXIS 154).

(Opinion available.  Document #01-161012-019Z.)

“Despite the length of time that has passed since these cases were purportedly remanded, and notwithstanding all...
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