Mealey'sTM Native American Law Report

Gain valuable insight into litigation trends in federal, state and tribal courts. The Report covers disputes over jurisdiction, sovereign immunity, Indian status, natural resources, environmental regulation, utilities, taxation, gaming industry, government services, labor laws, family law and more.
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Mealey'sTM Data Privacy Law Report

The stakes are increasingly high when online privacy and data protection reach litigation in the state and federal courts. The Report follows the latest litigation, as well as federal and state regulatory and legislative developments impacting data privacy.
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Mealey'sTM Water Rights Law Report

What are the courts saying regarding water rights, water usage, water quality and water allocation? The newsletter reports on civil actions involving property owners, water districts, utilities, the federal government, Native American tribes and more. The Report also follows federal and state regulatory and legislative developments.
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Mealey'sTM Fracking Report

Few topics in energy and environmental law have been more hotly contested than the extraction of oil and gas from rock formations through hydraulic fracturing. The Report follows federal, state and local litigation, regulatory and legislative developments involving land rights, land use restrictions, zoning, mineral rights, jurisdictional disputes, environment concerns, personal injury and property damage. The Report also covers federal and state regulatory and legislative developments that impact hydraulic fracturing.
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Mealey'sTM Health Care Coverage and the ACA

Follow federal and state court litigation involving the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including challenges to the law, as well as guidance and rulings by administrative agencies, with this Report.
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